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Faux Leather Dummy Clip - Beige - Rainbow/Heart/Plain clips available


Faux Leather Dummy Clips

These faux leather dummy clips are the most petite and lightweight in our range!

All Our Little Helpers dummy chains have been lab tested to ensure they are safe for your baby. Above all, these completed dummy clips and completed dummy chains have passed strict safety testing. So you can feel confident knowing you are purchasing a safe dummy chain from us. Also, Our Little Helpers dummy chains are hand made in Australia, by mums!

Faux Leather Styles Available

Each chain length is 19cm long. This material will stretch by a couple of centimetres with use. This stretch is included in the 22cm maximum length when safety tested. The braid is .7cm wide and is made to perfection each time. Therefore, this is one of our most lightweight and petite styles in our range. They come in a variety of colours and are all hand braided using soft faux leather. These faux leather dummy chains are the perfect must haves for newborns and toddlers.

All of our dummy chains can be matched with a BIBS colour dummy. If you would like help with matching your colours, email us and we can help.

You can read about the development of Our Little Helpers unique dummy clip design, dummy chain safety standards and testing requirements here. https://ourlittlehelpers.com.au/safe-dummy-clips-and-dummy-chains-what-you-need-to-know/

Dummy Clip Safety and Care

With any baby and kids products, safety is of HUGE importance! So please read the information below before you purchase and please adhere to the recommendations.

Please supervise babies and children of all ages at all times when using all of our products.

Safe Dummy Clips

All of our Dummy clips are made to adhere to the Australian Safety standards and policy guidelines with reference to EN 12586:2007 + A1:2011 child use and care articles – soother holder – safety requirements and test methods.

Therefore, we can confidently say Our dummy clips as a whole and their individual components have passed all required European and Australian safety standards (DIN 12586:2007 + A1:2011). They are super durable and safe your your baby. As for the other brands… we’ll all I can suggest if you purchase a dummy clip anywhere else is, ask to see a recent copy of recent test results showing they have passed.

Also, for all the information on testing requirements, safety standards and our story about the development of our unique clip designs, please read:

Safe Dummy Clips and Dummy Chains – what you need to know

Safe dummy clips. If you have a dummy loving baby, chances are you’ll need a few safe dummy chains! But how do you know which ones are safe and which ones aren’t?

It seems everywhere I turn there is a new handmade business popping up online selling dummy chains. We now see handmade baby goods advertised in our Facebook groups, on Instagram, Etsy and Pinterest. They are always so beautiful and some are such a bargain! But are they safe?

I can often quickly tell by looking at the photo of a dummy clip online, when it is not safe. That’s because I know exactly what I’m looking for. I have read the massive document outlining the safety standards and I have been through the rigorous laboratory testing process. It’s a tough one! When I was creating my new range I had so many aspects of it fail. I purchased metal clip components and was told by the suppliers they had passed the safety testing. They lied! I had them tested and they failed, and not by a small amount, they failed in an instant. They broke apart very quickly when tested for impact resistance, durability and tensile strength.

At one stage I thought I’d never bring my unique dummy clip design to life, but I didn’t quit. Now that I know what to look for, I thought I’d share my insights on safe dummy clips and dummy chains with other parents.

Please follow the packaging information when you receive your product, which states:

For Your Child’s Safety

Before each use check carefully. Throw away at the first sign of damage or weakness. Never lengthen the soother holder/dummy clip! Never attach to cords, laces ribbons, blankets or loose parts of clothing. The child may be strangled. Only attach soother holder to a garment. Supervise your child at all times when in use. Remove while child is sleeping. Not to be used when baby is in a cot, bed or crib. This is a soother / dummy holder, do not use as a toy or teether.

Wipe clean with a warm damp cloth only. Do not immerse in water. Never allow your child to chew or put this in their mouth.  Store out of reach of children. Discard after 6 months use.

You can read more about Australian legislation and safety standards here. https://www.productsafety.gov.au/standards/baby-dummies-and-dummy-chains

About the Maker:

Bettina braids all of your chains to absolute perfection and within the safety guidelines. Bettina is a mumma to 3 beautiful babes aged 6,4 and 1. In a previous life before kids, she worked in marketing for magazines and television, but has been a stay at home mum raising her tribe of little people since her eldest was born.

“Taking up the beading role with Our Little Helpers has been my first little step in getting a bit of something back that’s just for me, outside of being mum (and let’s be honest, their snack maid all day long!) It’s so nice to have the opportunity to create these beautiful dummy clips. I’m one lucky gal to be a part of something so wonderful.” – Bettina.

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